World Birth Defects Day

wdd logoThanks to the 12 organizing agencies and scores of other foundations, hospitals, providers, government agencies, individuals, libraries and parent groups, the first-ever World Birth Defects Day was a resounding success. The two calls-to-action were a Thunderclap and Twitter buzzday. The goal for the Thunderclap was 100 supporters with a stretch goal of 250. We crushed it, blowing past to 544 with a reach of over 1.1 million. The NCBDDD was instrumental in gathering support to push us over the top. The buzzday on Twitter used the hashtag #worldbdday. Over the life of the campaign, the hashtag reached 6,165,146 people with an exposure of 16,684,429. Not bad for a first effort! Our international partners did a tremendous job of keeping the conversation going with regular tweeting in multiple languages. One of the most interesting results of the campaign was the wealth of people talking about birth defects that were traditionally not engaged. We are looking forward to raising awareness, expanding the reach and encouraging dialog about prevention programs and services.

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