The #ZIKA Family Resource One Pager

ZikaBy Jennifer Bolden Pitre, MA, JD
Family Voices Family Liaison to Friends of NCBDDD

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the Zika Virus in the media, but where can families find basic information that they can share with other families to help them take steps to protect themselves and their unborn children?

As a professional family leader I thought it would be essential to have as much information as possible as a handy guide in one central location for families.  Along with our partners, I have been working to get the word out to Family Voices State affiliates via emails and Twitter about the danger of the Zika virus.  Since family leaders are in many cases the first line to distribute information, Family Voices has compiled a resource of relevant links to various information about the Zika virus.  This handy compilation contains some of what I believe are the best resources to available to date from the CDC, Boston Public Health Commission and others. This handy compilation of information about Zika can be found on the Family Voices NCFPP website here:

Stay up-to-date on Zika on twitter by following the hashtag #Zika, follow Family Voices @Familyvoices, follow the Friends @FriendsofNCBDDD.


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