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bellCrystal Bell
Missouri Family to Family
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Institute for Human Development

Helping children live to the fullest by understanding developmental disabilities
Often times, for an individual and family living with a developmental disability, the cause of many of the barriers in their lives is simply the lack of understanding.  For a family, that understanding can open up a world of possibilities they never knew existed and for others, developing an understanding of developmental disabilities can help them to better know how to support an individual in their dream of living the good life.

Bridget FrankBrigit Frank
Community Education Coordinator,
Family Voices of Wisconsin

Improving the Health of People with Disabilities
“I didn’t fully understand the importance of good health until our son came along and I got a glimpse of what life is like for those who struggle to gain their health. As a family liaison focusing on improving the health of people with disabilities, I hope to communicate the difficulties our family has finding care and support, as well as the joy our family feels when our son is healthy enough to reach one of his goals.”

gilbertSondra Gilbert 
Volunteer Service Program Coordinator
Co-Director, Kentucky Family To Family Health Information
Certified Application Councilor

Saving babies through birth defects prevention and research
As a mother of 3 son’s diagnoses late in  life with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy I believe if more prevention and research are done will help save lives, my passion is working with families and helping provide the resources and Services needed to make a better life for all families.

ArtilaArtila “Tila” Mims
Family Leader (Parent Group)
Arc of Illinois/Family-to-Family

Helping Children live to the fullest by understanding developmental disabilities
The victor is in the timing
Helping children live to the fullest by understanding developmental disabilities can change the quality of life for our families, but timing is vital: Intervention must come early and often!  Coupled with earnest dedication, contiguous therapy and an excellent “A Team” comprising clinicians, educators – and best of all grandparents – we are winning.  At age 9, with the right accommodations, reinforcements and timing, this year my son enjoyed his first National Basketball Association game.  One kid among many, in a 23,000 capacity stadium: a tremendous feet for a boy impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Score!

As his mom, I am a simple woman who believes that the unknown makes anything possible.  A former Chicago Public School teacher, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University.  My family is from Chicago, IL.

Nicole PrattNicole Pratt
SPAN NJ PTI Senior Parent Professional Staff Trainer
FASD Project Coordinator/Trainer
SEVA Family Engagement Facilitator

Saving babies through birth defects prevention and research:  
In the United States, 1 in 10 babies are born early each year and both my children were been born at 26 weeks gestation with a variety of medical conditions. As a mom I had to learn to advocate, gain knowledge and strength about what it took to take care of my children who both had/have different birth conditions. It is important that funding for the research in this area continues so that fewer children are at risk of being born prematurely.   Research has ensured my children’s health today.

Deepa SrinivasavaradanDeepa Srinivasavaradan
CDC’s Act Early Ambassador to NJ
NJ LEND Family Fellow-Interdisciplinary
Leadership Team
Family & Professional Partnership Strategist – SIG

Improving the Health of People with Disabilities
“Good overall health is key for everyone, but is more difficult to achieve for children, youth and adults with disabilities. As a parent and a professional, I understand and value the importance of accessible, coordinated, and family-centered health care across the lifespan, so that people with disabilities and special healthcare needs of all ages can improve their health and maximize their potential to become independent and contributing members of their communities.”

Courtney Stinnett
Family Liaison/Sickle Cell Treatment and Outcomes Research in the Midwest (Scourtney-stinnettTORM)

Protecting people and preventing complications of blood disorders

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