Spanish-Language Video on Newborn Hearing Screening

Spanish-Language Video on Newborn Hearing ScreeningThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program has produced a video for Spanish-speaking families who are in need of a follow-up hearing screening for their baby. The video, “¿Qué tan bien oye su hijo? Lo que los padres deben saber” (How well can your child hear? What parents need to know), was initiated in response to a request from members of the national EHDI Diversity Committee.

In this video, Spanish-speaking families describe their real-life experiences when they received “did not pass” or “refer” results for their babies’ hearing screening. In this culturally appropriate Spanish-language video, parents tell how they felt when they were given the results and what they did next. Their stories provide facts and encouragement to help others seek out the follow-up services. Click here to watch video.

For next steps for parents, the AG Bell Spanish-language website provides information on hearing loss, language development, hearing technology and early intervention that are valuable resources for families. The Spanish-language center will be growing and expanding to add even more resources in the future. Please refer Spanish speaking families to the CDC video and the AG Bell Spanish-language website for valuable resources.

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