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Friends of NCBDDD Quarterly Check-ins

Marcy 23, 2017 – So You Think You Know NCBDDD?
View the recording HERE     |     Presentation Slides

September 9, 2016 – Improving Health
View the recording HERE

June 3, 2016 – Saving Babies
View the recording HERE

March 11, 2016  – Protecting People
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December 2, 2015  – Right Care at the Right Time
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Archived Webinar Library

Grand Rounds Reaction Panel: Addressing Health Disparities in Early Childhood
Originally hosted on March 30, 2016. View the recording HERE

NCBDDD Partner Briefing
Originally hosted on February 22, 2016. View the recording HERE

Health Care for Americans with Disabilities — 25 Years after the Americans with Disabilities Act
Originally hosted on September 29, 2015. View the recording HERE

Tele-briefing: Prevalence of Disability and Disability Type Among Adults – United States, 2013
Originally hosted on July 30, 2015. View the recording HERE

Physical Activity is for Everybody
Originally hosted on March 18, 2015. View the recording

Uncovering the Power of Data: Disability and Health Data Systems (DHDS)
Originally hosted on February 2, 2015. View the recording

Growing Impact: An Overview of NCBDDD’s Strategic Health Initiatives
Originally hosted on January 16, 2015. View the recording

The Commit to Inclusion Campaign and the Guidelines to Disability Inclusion in Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Programs and Policies Presentation (More Adults with Disabilities Need Physical Activity – How Can Health Professionals Help?)
Originally hosted on May 20, 2014. View the recording

Budget Overview Documents

NCBDDD Divisions Budget Overview: 2010-2015

Birth Defects Budget Overview: 2010-2015

Blood Disorders Budget Overview: 2010-2015

NCBDDD Budget Update – March 2014

NCBDDD Appropriations History – 2012

Disability and Health Budget Overview: 2010-2015

NCBDDD Resources

NCBDDD Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report

NCBDDD Organizational Chart

NCBDDD Strategic Plan: 2017-2022

CDC Funding Information

NCBDDD Annual Report Archive

Center-level Thematic Area Information and Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

NCBDDD’s Public Health Mission – February 2012

Disability and Public Health – February 2012

Impact of CDC Budget Cuts: NCBDDD Overall – 2014

Impact of CDC Budget Cuts: Sickle Cell Disease – 2014

Impact of CDC Budget Cuts: Blood Disorders – 2014

Impact of CDC Budget Cuts: Human Development & Disability – 2014

Impact of CDC Budget Cuts: Child Health & Development – 2014

FY 2013 Appropriations Recommendation – 2012

FY 2012 Appropriations Recommendation – 2011

Advocacy Coalition Resources

Friends Advocacy Coalition Talking Points: 2015 – 2016

People with Sickle Cell have a 30-year Reduced Life Expectancy

CDC Funding for Blood Disordersis on the Decline

CDC Funding for Human Development & Disability

CDC Funding for Child Health & Development

Letters and Testimony

Friends of NCBDDD Advocacy Coalition FY 2016 Funding Letter – March 2015

Letter to CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden regarding proposed cuts to the NCBDDD Budget – May 2014

Friends of NCBDDD Advocacy Coalition FY 2014 House LHHS Testimony – 2013

Friends of NCBDDD Advocacy Coalition FY 2013 Funding Letter

Friends of NCBDDD Advocacy Coalition FY 2012 Funding Letter


Friends Advocacy Coalition Updates (power point presentation) June 2015


National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (WHO)


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