Preterm Babies with Birth Defects Experience High Health Costs


The journal, Pediatrics, recently published a new article entitled, Employer-Sponsored Plan Expenditures for Infants Born Preterm. Below is a brief summary on the full article.

Employer-sponsored health plans in the United States paid at least $6 billion extra for babies born preterm than babies born at full term during 2013, more than one-quarter of which was associated with the 6% of preterm babies who had major birth defects.

  • Costs associated with preterm babies with major birth defects were approximately 5 times more than preterm babies without major birth defects.
  • Approximately 1 in 10 US babies are born preterm.  Babies with major birth defects were approximately 3 times more likely to be preterm than full term.

Infants born with serious birth defects incur much higher costs if they are also born preterm. Efforts to reduce preterm birth for all babies, particularly those with birth defects, could improve the lives of these babies and reduce costs for their care.

You can read the full article at Pediatrics by clicking here.



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