October 2014 – The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health cordially invites you to a Webinar:

Improving Health & Quality of Life of Individuals with Multiple Chronic Conditions

October 16, 2014

2:00pm-3:00pm EST


Webinar Details:

Participants can join the webinar directly using the telephone and web information below.

Toll Free Number:  800-857-0455; Participant passcode: 8423024

Web access:  https://www.mymeetings.com/nc/join.php?i=PW8754886&p=8423024&t=c


HHS data show that more than one-quarter of all adults and two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries are living with multiple chronic conditions. Persons with more than one chronic disease account for two-thirds of America’s health care costs.

For several years, HHS has focused on optimum health and quality of life for individuals with MCC. We are thrilled to have experts from CMS, NIH, and SAMHSA joining us to discuss:

  • HHS progress in improving health and quality of life for individuals with MCC
  • Opportunities for further incorporating work on MCC within your programs and activities across HHS
  • Approaches for your use in managing the challenges of MCC


For additional information, please contact Alicia Richmond Scott at alicia.richmond@hhs.gov.

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