Sickle Cell Trait Toolkit Update: New Educational Resources on Sickle Cell Trait Available, More Coming Soon! – 9/2/15

What is the sickle cell trait (SCT) toolkit?

The sickle cell trait (SCT) toolkit is an online compilation of user friendly health education materials related to SCT. We are happy to have the opportunity to provide you or your organization with necessary tools and resources to educate yourself or the communities you serve about SCT. We hope that the information provided is both helpful and informative and empowers you or those you serve to take action.

Who developed the toolkit?

CDC together with the American Society of Hematology (ASH) ( and the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) ( developed the SCT toolkit.

Who is the intended audience for the toolkit?

The SCT toolkit is designed to contain materials targeted to multiple audiences.  Resources included in the toolkit are specifically intended for:

  • the general public that may be carriers of SCT but are unaware of their trait status,
  • people who already know they have SCT, and
  • healthcare providers who can educate their patients about SCT.

In addition, the toolkit provides helpful information and resources for athletes who may be affected by SCT as well as their trainers, team doctors, and coaches.

What informational tools or resources are available now through the toolkit?

We are excited to share six new fact sheets related to sickle cell trait and sports, diabetes testing, and blood and organ donation! These materials are available to download and share today! They include:

In addition, the following resources are also available! They include:

Will additional tools or resources be added in the future?

Yes! More materials are currently under construction and will soon be added to the toolkit.  Some of the topics to be addressed include:

  • Glaucoma Post Hyphema
  • Hematuria
  • Splenic Infarct

We encourage you to check back often!

What You Can Do

Spread the word! We encourage you to share these links with your colleagues and friends.  Feel free to post them on your own home page as well.  We are tweeting at We invite you to comment, re-post, re-tweet, and follow @CDC_NCBDDD! For more information about SCT or sickle cell disease, please visit  Thank you for your continued support and for your interest in learning more about SCT.

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