National Folic Acid Awareness Week is January 7-13, 2018


NCBDDD will be participating in National Folic Acid Awareness Week (NFAAW) to promote the importance of taking 400 micrograms of folic acid before and during pregnancy. NCBDDD scientists have co-authored a publication, which will be released on January 7th in Preventive Medicine. This publication highlights the collaborative efforts of a Working Group that petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to allow folic acid to be added to corn masa flour. Members of the Working Group – March of Dimes Foundation, Spina Bifida Association, Unidos US, Gruma Corporation, and Walmart Corporation – worked tirelessly for 10 years to help ensure that more women, in particular Hispanic women, can have access to foods fortified with folic acid.  Also, look for the Key Findings on the CDC website that discusses an NCBDDD-authored publication describing two health care components for Hispanic women living in the United States- multivitamin use and healthcare provider counseling about medication use before or during pregnancy. This publication will be released by the Journal of Women’s Health on January 7th. Finally, NCBDDD will be active on social media during NFAAW. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (@CDC), Twitter (@CDC_NCBDDD), and Instagram (@cdcgov) to receive our folic acid messages. Please be sure to use #folicacid in your social media posts.

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