Moving Mountains

Article submitted on behalf of the Family Liaisons to the Friends of NCBDDD

Parent support and advocacy is at an all-time high in the United States. It is that support that drives parent advocates like Sherri Romblad to strive for better results at a local, state and national level.   As a parent of a child with a late diagnosis of hearing loss it has been Sheri’s mission to make sure that all children, regardless of the age of diagnosis, receive immediate services in order to give them the best opportunity to succeed. Sheri believes no child should be left behind due to a diagnosis related to a birth defect.

Sheri has worked extremely hard to pave a path for better screening for hearing loss in her state of Connecticut. Sheri partnered with the PATH Family Voices of Connecticut EDHI to form a mentoring program that consists of seasoned parents in the deaf and hard of hearing community to help guide new parents who are just receiving a new diagnosis regardless of age, and was just recently selected to serve on the Connecticut EDHI Task Force.

Sheri Romblad (CT), Shannon Kaiser (MA) and Kayte Thomas (NC) are local and national parent advocates. As Family Liaisons to the Friends of NCBDDD in the thematic area of Saving Babies with Birth Defects through Prevention and Research, they work to assure that families, the largest stakeholder group, have a voice at the table in building a successful partnership between parents and professionals. The parent perspective is a powerful one. Sheri, Shannon & Kayte look forward to collaborating and working with their Champions to successfully address a wide range of disabilities and conditions that affect over 50 million Americans. Never underestimate the power of your advocacy efforts. There is a saying: “Doctors see the mountains, Parents always move them.”

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