July 2014: Parent Corner

Julie and Katie BeckettIn an attempt to help provide information to the Disability and Health (D&H) state programs about Family-to-Family (F2F) Health Information Centers (HIC) in their states, a memo was sent out after the May F2F training conference in Washington, DC, to ask how connected they have been with the state programs. The response from the F2F’s varied — some knew the contact provided, some worked very closely serving on advisory board, while others had little to no contact with them.

This knowledge is helpful to the Center as they know how important contacts with families can really supply operational directions for the grants provided by NCBDDD. Recognizing that the F2F’s communicate with many families and professionals who serve children with disabilities and special health care needs on a daily basis, these F2F’s can serve as a point of information and direction. The F2F’s can provide identification of areas that families recognize are lacking improvement in the overall service system. In addition, the D&H programs can reach out to the F2F’s to seek areas where improvement and access is needed. The task of the F2F HIC’s is to reach out to these programs that are providing information to state systems to better support persons with disabilities.

For more information about these interactions, please email me at waivermom@earthlink.net.

Julie Beckett

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