July 2014: AAHD Project Accessibility USA Launches Interactive Learning Modules

AAHD LogoThe American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD), in collaboration with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, has launched 5 interactive Learning Modules about the importance of breast cancer awareness and accessibility of mammography facilities for women with disabilities.  These modules are geared towards healthcare staff at mammography and healthcare facilities.  Certificates of Completion are available for those that complete the Learning Modules. The URL for the Learning Modules is http://project-accessibility-usa.org/Home.htm The Learning Modules are available for all healthcare professionals to utilize and share with colleagues.

The Learning Awareness Modules are part of a larger AAHD project, Project Accessibility USA, which offered the following services to Komen affiliates and grantees: 1) On – site facility assessment and on – site and virtual technical assistance to improve facility accessibility 2) Innovative and engaging interactive on – line training and professional development modules to increase staff awareness regarding mammography accessibility for women with disabilities 3) Access to materials on the Breast Health Accessibility Resource Portal.  Later this year, AAHD plans to launch the National Breast Health Collaborative for Women with Disabilities that will initially focus on national dissemination of breast health materials focusing on accessibility for women with disabilities.  For more information, please email contact@aahd.us and place in subject line “Breast Health Collaborative.”

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