January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month!

Photo collage of children with text in the center sayingNational Birth Defects prevention Month #1in33Each January, we raise awareness among women about actions they can take for their own health and the family they may have one day. This year we encourage all women to make a PACT for birth defects prevention by planning ahead, avoiding harmful substances, choosing a healthy lifestyle, and talking to their healthcare provider.

January is also a time to recognize people living with birth defects. Throughout January, we will feature stories of families and people whose lives have been changed by birth defects. Join us in this nationwide effort to raise awareness of birth defects, their causes, and their impact. Help us spread the word!

Sign up for the #1in33 Thunderclap

Any time before 12 PM EST January 20, 2016, sign up for the #1in33 Thunderclap, which allows supporters to share a unified message at a specific time via their individual Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account. This collective action will create a wave of support – or “thunderclap” – across social media to raise awareness about birth defects.

Create a buzz about birth defects on social media

We will be sharing messages on these channels: @CDC_NCBDDD, @CDCgov, CDC Instagram, and CDC Facebook. Share and repost! During January, we will use 2 main hashtags:

  • #1in33 will mark messages featuring facts about birth defects and stories from families affected by these conditions.
  •  #LivingMyPACT will mark messages sharing tips for a healthy pregnancy and ways people are living their PACT for birth defects prevention.

Have birth defects affected your life? Are you living your PACT for a healthy pregnancy? Share your own story or experiences! Create an original picture or video and post on social media tagged with #1in33 or #LivingMyPACT.

Check out our updated family stories

Read real stories from families to learn how birth defects affect people’s lives, why research is critically important, and how access to care and treatment has improved their overall quality of life.

Share buttons, images, and our new PACT infographic

We have created a new PACT infographic and social media buttons. Post these eye-catching graphics on your website, blog, or social media profile. For more resources and sample social media messages, visit our National Birth Defects Prevention Month webpage.

Read new research and web features

Check CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) website this month for new birth defects-related research findings. We will also be posting a series of web features on the CDC website.

Share these links with your colleagues and friends and continue to look for more CDC resources and information throughout January! For more information on National Birth Defects Prevention Month, visit our CDC website. Thank you in advance for your active participation and support of National Birth Defects Prevention Month.

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