Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders (FWGBD) Launches its First Quarterly e-Newsletter

foundation womenSince our inception in 2010, FWGBD has been become an important voice in the e education of healthcare providers about the fact that undiagnosed, untreated blood disorders in women and girls have medical consequences and unique issues at every life stage. Our popular live symposia at leading medical society meetings, including ASH, NASPAG, and THSNA, and timely webinars by top faculty have helped shape the conversation with their demonstration for the need to educate providers about the consequences and effects of blood disorders, as well as the benefits of proper and timely diagnosis, effective treatments and how the adoption of best practices impacts the lives of women and girls with blood disorders.

Now, we want our reach to grow even larger. Understanding that everyone who works with women and girls with blood disorders needs to have access to timely information and continuing education opportunities, we have created our new quarterly e-Newsletter to foster the development of educated and empowered healthcare professionals who can work with us to improve the lives of women and girls with blood disorders. This e-newsletter will provide quick links to the latest news, upcoming events, and key information related to blood disorders among women and girls, and FWGBD. We hope you enjoy our first e-Newsletter, and we thank you for joining us.  To subscribe, visit:

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