Chair’s Initiative: Tweet-A-Thon

friendsNCBDDD_logo_tweetTweet with us in our new Chair’s Initiative tweet-a-thon over the next six weeks.  Tweet as much as you like using #FriendsNCBDDD when you tweet during this virtual event!  Follow each other so you can stay connected.

Tweet-A-Thon Theme: Data in the Real World
We have great personal and organizational stories to share. Sharing our data and how we use it is a great way to be a community of partners.  This makes our work more meaningful for one another.

Tweet-a-Thon Week 2
Share photos of how you achieve your mission/vision and how you connect with NCBDDD. Blood disorders partners and activities will be highlighted this week!

Check back each week for tweet-a-thon updates! We’ll share tweet topics here each week, so stay tuned!

Sample Tweet
I’m [the position at organization] & work w/ #FriendsNCBDDD 4 [access to CDC, sharing our updates, learning from partners, etc.]

Starter Questions

Need help getting started?  Think about your mission and share updates on your activities and your services.  Share pictures of what you appreciate or what you would like to change.

More about Twitter:
Tweeting is fun, free, and a time-effective part of communicating with other Friends and NCBDDD.

Need help?
New to Twitter:
Signing up Twitter
Posting a Tweet

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