Communications Committee Update

The Communications Committee will be presenting on the Awareness campaign and tools on the September Quarterly call.

Highlights of the Awareness Program:

The goals of the Awareness program are to:

  • Increase awareness of NCBDDD at CDC and public health agencies
  • Increase communication with others beyond members of the Friends
  • Increase awareness of how your organization plays a role in public health
  • Increase the visibility of the group, highlight programs, and to support the mission of group

As part of this awareness program, the committee has created social media and dissemination tools.



A Public Health Events calendar has been created. It is a Google Calendar that all members can see.

Events are color coded by thematic area

Please send any events, observations and the thematic area they fall under (if applicable) to Shannon Haworth

LinkedIn Group

There is now a LinkedIn group for members to share stories, events, research, and other relevant information group members would like to share.


Follow us on Twitter

The group now has a Twitter account

The Twitter handle is @FriendsofNCBDDD

In the future the communications committee will facilitate Twitter chats around topics of interest, and post relevant information to share with followers

Dissemination Tools

To aid in dissemination information about the group and increasing membership there are now tools for dissemination: (see attached)

  • A template for sharing stories
  • An overview of the Friends of NCBDDD
  • A draft presentation
  • A dear colleague letter for recruitment

For more information, or if you like to join the communications committee, please contact Shannon Haworth, Communications Chair,

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