Friends as Champions

Friends of NCBDDD members can serve as Champions in one or more of the thematic areas. Champions provide content expertise on Thematic Area “kitchen cabinets” and advise the Friends, NCBDDD, and other key partners in each of the thematic areas. Acting as a think tank, each thematic area kitchen cabinet will be composed of a group of 8-12 individuals whose mission and work relate to the particular thematic area. Champions also serve a vital role in recruiting other Friends of NCBDDD members who share an interest in the particular thematic area to serve as Champions or be engaged in particular Friends activities.

We can always use a few more Champions!  

The Executive Committee needs your help to serve as a Champion in one or more of the thematic areas. Experience in communications, marketing, government relations, and working with family members are welcomed but not required. The time commitment would involve a 1 year term, with an option to renew for an additional year. It would also involve a monthly commitment of 1-2 hours and participation in quarterly conference calls. If you are interested in serving on a Thematic Area “kitchen cabinet,” please contact Adriane Griffen.

Listing of Current Champions in the Four Thematic Areas

Small version of saving babies thematic area logo. Saving babies through birth defects prevention and research
  Amy Haddad, Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs
Sheri Romblad, Family Liaison/Parent to Parent/Family Voices, Connecticut
Kayte Thomas, Family Liaison/Parent Advocate, North Carolina
Helping children live to the fullest by understanding developmental disabilities
  Adriane Griffen, Association of University Centers on Disabilities
Pat Johnson, American Academy of Pediatrics
Jennifer Pineo, Family Liaison/Family Voices, New Hampshire
Alison Singer, President, Autism Science Foundation
logo of two people at stroll Protecting people and preventing complications of blood disorders
  Randy Fenninger, National Blood Clot Alliance
Courtney Stinnett, Family Liaison/Sickle Cell Treatment and Outcomes Research in the Midwest (STORM) consortium
Katie Verb, Hemophilia Federation of America
Improving health of people with disabilities
  Roberta Carlin, American Association on Health and Disability
Jeannette Mejias, Family Liaison/Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, New Jersey
Sara Struwe, Spina Bifida Association
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