BRIGHT FUTURES: NCBDDD Family Liaison Jeannette Mejas: Improving the health of People with disabilities~

The FV NJ Chapter has been selected to participate in the Bright Futures Preventive Services Implementation Project – State Spread (PreSIPS2). NJ Chapter team is comprised of a Lead Physician, Project Manager, Quality Improvement Coach, State MCH Representative and a Family Representative.

The Family Representative is our very own Family Liaison for Improving the Health of People with disabilities, Jeannette Mejias. Jeannette Mejias is the 2015 NJ recipient of the Young MCH Professional Award recognized for substantial contributions to their state’s MCH program, their State’s maternal and child health outcomes, and for promoting and protecting the health of women, children, and families in her state.

The NJ Chapter team convened a meeting at the AAP headquarters in Chicago September 27 & 28 along with other state chapter teams to discuss their goals.

Jeannette presented a workshop on the importance of the Family Voice and Family Engagement across all systems and shared the framework for successfully implementing the vital role of the Parent Partner within Medical Home practices. Drawing from her vast experience working on Quality Improvement around Parent Engagement with Federally Qualified Health Care (FQHC) Centers, training 100 Diverse Parent Partners for which NJ SPAN is a known pioneer and their work is nationally recognized and featured in the AMCHP Innovation Station, serves as a model for other states to replicate.

Additionally, Jeannette was selected to serve on the Family Engagement committee in conjunction with her role as the Family Leader for the NJ Chapter Team. The committee is led by Paula Duncan, Tamala Milan and Mary Brown. To date, there have been rich discussions on strategies to address social determinants of health, cultural barriers, building trust, and steps to establishing focus group protocols and templates to capture the broad needs of families.

The NJ Chapter Team successfully recruited 9 medical practices. The practices will create an accountable state infrastructure to promote Bright Futures, build and maintain state based partnerships, promote children’s preventative health care quality, quality improvement, early periodic screening, health disparities, enhance Family Engagement and strengthen families through preventative care. The NJ Chapter will kick off the First Medical Home Learning Session on February 17, 2016.

This is the first year that Family Engagement will be implemented in the work on the Bright Futures guide. The project lessons learned will be collected amongst the 4 AAP chapters and their implementation and impact at state levels. This work will be reflected in the new 4th Edition of Bright Futures that will be released in Spring of 2016.

All the chapter teams will have a webinar on February 23, 2016 to discuss Family Engagement. The purpose of this session is to help practice teams focus more on tangible family engagement and understand why it is a key and vital component of practice improvement.

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