March 3, 2015: World Birth Defects Day

March 3, 2015: World Birth Defects Day

World Birth Defets DayDid you know that every year, nearly 8 million babies around the world are born with a birth defect?  This amounts to about 6% of all births worldwide.  To increase global awareness of these conditions, March 3, 2015, marks the first ever World Birth Defects Day.  CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) and Center for Global Health (CGH) are collaborating with 11 other global organizations to promote this special day.  Be on the lookout for a number of CDC activities:

  • CDC Web Feature: On March 3, look for a special feature introducing the inaugural World Birth Defects Day.  The feature also highlights CDC’s global activities in birth defects.
  • CDC Around the World Newsletter: Read about World Birth Defects Day in CDC’s global health newsletter. To sign up, visit and subscribe by filling out the form and checking the box by CDC’s Center for Global Health.  You can also read a story featuring World Birth Defects Day in CDC’s Our Global Voices blog.
  • Buzz Day on March 3: Add your voice and promote birth defects awareness worldwide – plan to post one or more messages using the #WorldBDDay hashtag at some point during the day. We encourage you to share/retweet/favorite messages from @CDC_NCBDDD and @CDCgov as well as CDC’s Facebook and Instagram pages.  We also have a Pinterest board, so follow and repin to share these messages!  Remember to include #WorldBDDay in all of your messages supporting World Birth Defects Day on March 3.
  • ThunderClap: Hosted by March of Dimes, the Thunderclap message for #WorldBDDay will be sent out at 9am EST on March 3. Promotional messages and participation instructions will be coming from @CDC_NCBDDD the week of February 16. Follow #WorldBDDay for more information.

Spread the word!

Help us build momentum for this worldwide effort to raise awareness of birth defects, their causes, and their impact. We encourage you to participate in the activities listed and share these links widely with your colleagues and friends. Please join NCBDDD on March 3 to spread the word about birth defects worldwide and to see what we are doing to help people with these conditions.

Thanks for your continued support and dedication to improving the lives of families and children affected by birth defects!

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