July 2014: State Indicator Report on Physical Activity Released

State Indicator Report on Physical ActivityThe Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity released the State Indicator Report on Physical Activity, 2014, which presents data on physical activity behaviors and environmental supports that encourage increased physical activity in each state. You can use this report to learn what states across the nation are doing to encourage and support physical activity. Individual Action Guides summarize each state’s data and provide suggested actions that state health departments can take to encourage and increase physical activity in their states.

The State Indicator Report on Physical Activity, 2014 reveals that more safe and convenient places are needed for Americans to be physically active in their communities and schools.  According to the report, less than 38% of the U.S. population lives within a half mile of a park.  And just over half (54%) of youth have parks or playground areas; recreation centers, community centers, boys’ or girls’ clubs; and sidewalks or walking paths available in their neighborhoods.  Youth with access to neighborhood infrastructures that support physical activity are more active.

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