2018 National Birth Defects Prevention Month

The National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN) prepared the 2018 National Birth Defects Prevention Month packet in collaboration with many partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), March of Dimes (MoD), Teratology Society (TS) and MotherToBaby. The campaign, “Prevent to Protect: Prevent Infections for Baby’s Protection,” placed a special emphasis on the importance of preventing infections before and during pregnancy that can increase the risk of having a baby with a birth defect. Packet materials are freely available from NBDPN. January is Birth Defects Prevention Month, but the time is always right to follow these tips for healthier moms and babies. NBDPN will be continuing its work to increase awareness that birth defects are common, costly and critical by joining the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects Surveillance and Research (ICBDSR) and many others in celebrating World Birth Defects Day on March 3rd.

NBDPN is now hard at work finalizing preparations for the 2018 Annual Meeting, which will take place March 11-14, 2018 in Atlanta. More information about the sessions, registration, and submission of poster abstracts can be found on the NBDPN website. Join us!

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