UCP Releases “What Matters to You?” Focused on the Healthcare Outcomes of People with Disabilities

The conversation surrounding healthcare has been on everyone’s radar this week. As part of a two-year grant, UCP asked self-advocates in the disability community to share what mattered most to them when it came to their health, and what they would like doctors and health researchers to know about the disability experience, as part of our “Speak for Yourself” initiative.

As we seek to engage more self-advocates in the conversations surrounding health, encourage individuals to take charge of their health, and become more informed about the Patient-Centered Research (PCOR) approach, UCP has been asking the question “What Matters to You [when it comes to your health as an individual with a disability]?” We’ve hosted a webinar, a twitter chat, a photo contest and now we are soon to release a short video.

UCP hopes that this video will serve as tool for those in your communities to take charge of their health outcomes, as well as help spark conversations on self-advocacy and health, and encourage your community to learn more about PCOR.

**Please note that the video is embargoed until May 10th 11:00 am EST.**

Below you will find sample Facebook posts, Tweets, and newsletter blurb/copy to share the video on your social media channels and your networks​.

The video can be viewed here.

Social Media Toolkit

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Sample Facebook Posts: https://youtu.be/AgSM-aK9nsw

  1. What do you wish doctors and health researchers knew about living with a disability? #UCP has released a new video sharing the perspectives of individuals living with disabilities and sharing what matters to them when it comes to their health. Want to add your voice or share your experience? Comment below! Share this video and encourage your friends and community to get involved and learn more about the PCOR approach! More info: http://bit.ly/2jvyZ5Q  #WhatMattersUCP #UCPSFY http://bit.ly/2qnMcFe
  2. Hear what these advocates want the health community to know about living with a disability. Want to add your voice to the conversation? Tell us what matters to you! Find out more. #WhatMattersUCPhttp://bit.ly/2qnMcFe

Sample Tweets:

  1. #Disability advocates share what matters about their health. Watch now: http://bit.ly/2qnMcFe #UCPSFY #WhatMattersUCP
  2. What do you want #health professional to know about being a #PwD? New video explores the #PCOR approach. Watch: http://bit.ly/2qnMcFe
  3. Watch what matters to some #disability advocates when it comes to healthcare & share your thoughts using #WhatMattersUCP http://bit.ly/2qnMcFe
  4. What matters to you when it comes to your health? Check out what advocates have to say in #UCP’s new video #UCPSFY http://bit.ly/2qnMcFe

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