2011 NCBDDD Annual Report Webinar, 4/26/2012

NCBDDD recently soft launched the latest version of the 2011 NCBDDD Annual Report and requested input before promoting the site. This webinar discusses the new web format and explores a number of things, including:

* What do you like? What would you change?
* Have we adequately captured our achievements, successes, and dealings in the community?
* Does it represent NCBDDD well in a clear and accurate way?
* Does it adequately show how funds are put to work?
* Do the listed activities and programs explain how they have helped to achieve our priorities?
* Does the web format make sense and does it help you in your efforts to promote the issues?
* How often would you like to see NCBDDD publish its report?
* For what purpose have you used NCBDDD’s annual report in the past?

The annual report is a tool for all who want to address the issues of people living with disabilities, birth defects, and blood disorders, so it’s important to make it something that can work for everyone in their efforts to have an impact. Please give the site a look: http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/AboutUs/2011annualreport.html.

icon of video camera 2011 NCBDDD Annual Report Webinar

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